Sunday, February 20, 2011

75 degrees? Snow problem!

   Today's high temp was 75, and tonight's low is going to be 25, so it only made sense to get outside today and enjoy it. I got up early as always and headed to the gym for Sunday boot camp... only to be stood up by the instructor for the second week in a row. Rats. I was glad, though, and immediately turned around and came home for a run with the mutts. We did several loops around South Lake Park, which they love because they like a chance to get the Canada geese. 
   We ran 4 miles in all... plus the 12 we did together last week. But somehow that RunningRockChalk posted 12 just this weekend! Drat! We're going to have to pick up the pace.
   Pretty quickly after the run, I turned around and headed up to Weston for a summery day snowboarding. A t-shirt and light jacket were almost too warm. Fortunately (?), I spent enough time with my knees and butt in the slush on the hill (from falling) that I cooled off quickly. I met my friend Steve & his son Justin up there, and we were off. They're both really strong skiers, which made me, on Snowboarding Day Three, the comic relief. 
   Is it just me, or do I look like a little kid? Big head & big feet! Last time here, Adam guessed me at 22. I like that guy.
   I practiced for the first time on the larger hill, leaving the beginner slope behind. If for no other reason, the big hill was easier because it was so much higher, which gave me more time to experiment on the way down. The steepness at certain points was really frightening. But if I'm going to CO next month, I'd better get used to that! Hopefully I will like the feeling of shredding powder after these few experiences on hard-packed manufactured snow and ice.
   If I keep falling, I may have to consider putting myself on the list for patella donors. Note to self: stop doing boot camp or running long distance on a snowboarding day. Ouch! Ironically, I found this in Fitness Magazine after I got home:
   One cool thing: I kept finding lost keys on the hill. 3 sets of them! House keys, car keys, locker keys... everything but monkeys!
   The sunset up in Weston was spectacular tonight—it gave me a nice show for the long ride home.
Thanks, Steve!