Monday, September 26, 2016

Another soggy walk

   Drew this quick sketch yesterday after a very rainy morning walk. It was a gentle but steady rain, and we walked a couple miles around the neighborhood without seeing another person. 
   We did see a lot of Sunday papers near the street at the end of the driveways, so I picked them up and walked them up to each front doorstep so they wouldn't get even soggier. 
   Have a great week, everyone! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Doggy paddle

   A few favorite photos from tonight's "doggy paddle" with Paddle KC.
   You eyes do not deceive you: that is a flotilla five Chihuahuas!
   My view was always happily blocked by two pairs of pointy ears, looking back-and-forth as if watching tennis. But we all locked onto this beautiful sunset!

Friday, September 23, 2016


   The text that accompanied that auto-generated photo/quote was even better than the quote itself (and isn't shared as part of the link). It said, "It (the quote) reflects your attitude towards life perfectly and shows that you are incredibly ADVENTUROUS and RESILIENT. You've experienced so much in life already and every challenge you've faced has made you so much stronger."  
   Don't know how this thing works, but that is pretty cool!!! I like those two words. A lot.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Taco + Taquitos

   Today my coworker, Shannon, told a funny story about her family's new pet. A cute little fish that her young boys named Taco. They assumed Taco was a boy... until Taco had about a hundred taquitos!
   Shannon said she had been a little suspicious of Taco's bulging sides. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
   This is especially funny to me because of my own child experience with pets. My sisters and I had guppies (and a couple of guppies turned into dozens of guppies).  And, at one point we each had a hamster. We thought all three hamsters were girls. Turns out one of them wasn't, and then we had many many hamsters!!! And the BEST part was when those hamsters learned to escape from their cage, and were loose in the house and I thought Mom might run away and never come home! Come to think of it, we lost at least one snake and a couple of anole lizards somewhere in the house, too...
   So I thought this post was a funny fish story, but it's turning out to be a story of what a saint my mother is, putting up with all that crap my sisters and I put her through. Is it any wonder I don't have children?? I'm not sure I could've survived me.
   I hope Taco and her babies live a long, happy life.  :)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Recycle this!

   This weekend I one-upped myself in terms of abject stupidity. (And this is coming from the woman who had to scale her own 6 foot privacy fence last week, because the garage door opener stopped working suddenly, and she has never hidden a key outdoors.)
   While getting ready to run errands Saturday morning, I noticed that the glass bin in my garage was overflowing. No, not because I'm alcoholic. Because I probably haven't emptied it in a year!  So I put it in the back of the car and drove to the nearest glass recycling receptacle.
   I struggled to lift the heavy bin full of glass over my head and steady it on the opening of the ginormous receptacle, preparing to gently and carefully dump the glass.
   Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans? Before I was ready, the weight of the glass shifted forward, and my entire bin went careening into the receptacle! Stunned, I weighed my options. I could purchase another bin, or retrieve this one. I'm not going to say which I chose, but if you happened to drive by and saw something that looked just like this, it definitely wasn't me. As far as you know.
   Ripple Glass could really do me a solid by lowering the openings on their bins, or at the very least, providing steps. 

Death in the dark of night

   I let the dogs out for one last time this evening. It really should have given me pause that they seemed a little too excited for just a normal evening outing. I let them out, then went upstairs for minute. And it was really only a minute, until I heard Taylor's excited alarm bark and came running downstairs.
   Barefoot and armed with my phone and a headlamp, I dove under this bush to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, I got there just in time to see my beloved killer dog shaking the life out of a baby possum.
   I know that this is nature's way, but I also think little possums are adorable, and I feel terrible that it met its end tonight.
   WHY DO THESE ANIMALS COME IN MY YARD?! And perhaps an even better question: WHY DID I ADOPT HUNTING DOGS?!?! And also: how do I get the stench off my dog??? Ugh.


What can I say... she loves me! And I love it.

Inspiration: adventure and nature

   I've been walking the dogs (Taylor, at least) pretty much every single morning since I got my Garmin for Christmas, in pursuit of the goal of 10k daily steps. It gave me visibility to how inactive I'd been during the week, but it illuminated so much more than that...
    A favorite quotes from an inspirational Instagrammer. I keep my wealth in part by taking long walks with the dogs every day, early morning and at dusk. Here are Aki and Taylor enjoying all the attention from their two favorite neighborhood kids, Kayla and Michael. Love these joyful interactions! They have made every day better.
   And the dogs really love the treats that crossing guard Mary brings in her pockets for them every morning! Taylor starts pulling me down the sidewalk in anticipation several blocks before we arrive at the school, and they both know the phrase, "Do you want to see Mary?"

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Craft Beer Festival of the Lost Township

   The name of this craft beer festival in Raytown, Missouri is a mouthful… And come to think of it, so is the featured product! Huge number of craft breweries, award-winning home brewers, and even a few distilleries. Which is why I was there… I was invited to pour on the fun at the Restless table. (That's Mike and Mike in the photo.)
   I also had a chance to sample three more of Crane Brewing's delicious sour beers: barrel-aged, tea weiss (using local Hugo tea), and beet weiss. Yes, as in the vegetables that taste like dirt. Generally I don't like beets, but this sour was fairly delightful, though it indeed tasted like dirt. The barrel-aged is my new favorite, followed by either the grapefruit gose or the kumquat weiss (not sure, because I sampled them in unmarked glasses, and they are virtually the same color).
   So much fun, and excellent people watching! Thanks to my friends at Restless Spirits for inviting me to help, had a blast!  Case in point: I don't know who that is, but I love his spunk. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Catch and release

   Welcome to the next installment of the Rarey Catch and Release Program.
   My very talented cat knew last night that there was a mousie under the refrigerator, and she has been on watch all night and all day. I kept pulling the fridge out and not being able to get to it… Until I realized I should stick a yardstick under there. Fortunately, the mouse decided to come out butt first, which meant that I had its tail to use as a handle. Dropped it into a trash can, and the problem was solved (or so I thought).
   Though adorable, these guys are definitely not welcome in my home. But I am relieved I was able to catch it and set it free in a park a couple miles away, rather then it meeting the demise that its comrade found while I was out of town. 
   I did, however, make a total rookie mistake. When I removed the mouse, I had to distract the dogs and move quickly, otherwise they would pounce upon it—they were WILD. And I forgot to show it to them so they knew it was no longer under there. Now they are making me crazy!!!!!

Soggy doggies!

   You might remember this drawing I posted a while back, when Taylor and I went for a rainy morning walk (Aki was still recovering from ACL surgery). This morning Aki was with us when we got caught in the downpour, so I folded back the page in my sketchbook and added her.
   Shibas are generally not water-loving dogs, but through kayaking experience, mine don't mind it so much anymore. They never pass up the opportunity for a good walk... Especially because Mary the crossing guard at the elementary school always brings a pocket full of treats just for them!