Monday, January 16, 2017

   Had the opportunity to meet Kina the false killer whale in Hawaii back in 2015, and was heartbroken to hear the situation she's in now. This drawing is an imagined scenario of the Ocean Matters Whale Warriors jetting over there in ninja suits to break her outta there! (Twist my arm... I'd totally do it!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Love is like Life...

   My heart is heavy for my friend who lost her girl recently, a sweet and funny corgi. I could tell from Mindy's photos and stories that Karma was very special. Never met her in person, but Mindy commissioned a painting of her last year, so I studied her photos and I felt that I knew her.
   I created this simple piece of art to remember her. Any of us who love our pets as family can relate to the heartbreaking feeling of losing them. My heart goes out to my friend.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New year, new friends

   Took a New Year's walk with Taylor after sleeping in... such a wonderfully quiet morning. Only saw about five cars, and two other dog walkers. The rest of the neighborhood must have still been asleep.
   I had seen this super adorable pup several times before, but never really got a chance to talk to the owner. Today he was being walked by one of her friends, visiting from San Jose. Both women are originally from China, and apparently this dog is as well! His name is Xiaoyu. Joy and I talked for a while and our dogs did their best to play on leash. We exchanged information so that her friend Anna and I can meet up sometime with our dogs. 
   What a great start to the new year--already meeting new two legged and four-legged friends!!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year Wisdom

   Love this thought shared by my friend Jill, and at this as well:
   Lucas Mhina, a safari guide in Africa, shared this thought today. I haven't met him in person (Joni and Alan have used him as a guide, and love him) and based on his posts I'd love him, too! Hope to meet him in person someday. Here's what he shared:
   "No matter how many times the teeth bites the tongue, they still stay together in one mouth. That's the spirit of FORGIVENESS. Even though the eyes don't see each other, they see things together, blink and cry together. That's UNITY." 
May the lord grant us spirit of forgiveness and togetherness.
1. Alone I can "enjoy" but together we can "celebrate".
2. Alone I can "say" but together we can "talk".
3. Alone I can "smile" but together we can "laugh".
That's the BEAUTY of human relations. We are nothing without each other. STAY CONNECTED!! Wish you a PROSPEROUS New year 2017.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Return of the cone

    48 hours from ACL surgery, and this crazy lil' girl is more concerned with not missing a morsel of food, patrolling the yard for intruders (squirrels & birds), and marking her home turf, than about lying around convalescing. It's amazing how fast she zips around on 3 legs. And I have to keep her as still as possible for 8-12 weeks!!! How the heck am I gonna pull that off??? 
   The post-op time was extremely difficult last year; Aki cried all night for the first 2 weeks, hurting and irritated by wearing the cone. On day 10 she got the cone off while I was sleeping and chewed out 6/10 stitches. Quite the handful!! 
   She seems much more comfortable and content to relax this time. Last night we all slept like normal. Hoping I'm not speaking too soon, but I think this time will be much easier! I guess she just knows what to expect now. HALLELUJAH
   Two verrrrry expensive years in a row. So help me dog, 2017 needs to be luckier. But in the end, having my sweet girly back is priceless.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Best signal to get underwater

I love to see F***ing big sharks!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Diving into the Holidays

    Up until this year, I'd never been diving on my birthday. And I set the bar high by diving with buddies Todd & Sirpa and Spencer, and Melia & Chris—and celebrating with a photo on the railing on the front of the wheelhouse of the Lady Luck shipwreck, 110' underwater! And did I mention that the first thing I saw as I jumped in the water and began my descent was... an octopus! My favorite!! (Creature #2 was a large barracuda hunting blue trevally right by my head. Also very cool.) Here's our group of Restless Spirits, minus merman Chris—who was with us in spirit. (He cracked a rib by falling on ice prior to the trip and his diving was cut short. BOO)
   Mel and Chris got me a birthday tiara—which I wore on the day's dives, of course.
   We made 10 dives in 5 days, a couple shore dives in Lauderdale by the Sea; 6 shipwreck &/or reef dives from the Sea Siren of Pompano dive center, and 2 on the O Sea D with Parrot Island Adventures. Florida, your diving is spectacular. Almost as good as Roatan, with the added challenge of heavy current!
   Christmas morning I took my first run since Thanksgiving—and only my second run since August. A beautiful 5.5 miles from our airBnB house to the Pompano pier, then home again. Hot and steamy, but I felt like a million bucks after. (And ate well-deserved leftover delicious birthday cake for breakfast!!)
    Christmas afternoon, we played Scrabble on the beach!
   Despite having the best-ever first draw of tiles, I lost miserably. But I played the word "manta", so, did I really lose? Maybe not.
    Our friends joined us for a holiday group photo on the pier. And by "friends" I mean, the 5 people in that photo I know, and the 1 guy who photobombed us. Hilarious! All told, one of the most memorable birthday/Christmas adventures ever. Thanks so much to my dive buddies. (I'm already ready to go again!!!)