Wednesday, February 22, 2017


PSA (Pet Safety Announcement)
   Anybody who knows me knows that I love my pets. And that my pets have a ton of personality. And that "personality" is code for "they are sometimes a complete pain in the @**." Sharing this story and sketch in the hopes that it can help you avoid similar trouble in your own home. Take out the trash!!
   Overnight, my cat got into the trash and dragged out some pork bones (delicious KC BBQ!) that I had forgotten to take to the garage. She dragged them into the living room and chewed on them, then came upstairs and puked on my bed (while I was sleeping in it).
   The dogs knew all this before I did, so when we headed downstairs bright and early this morning, one ran straight to the bones in the living room and swallowed at least one of themwholebefore I could intercept him.
   Number 6 in the drawing is: I wait nervously to see if an emergency surgery will be in order. UGH!!! Welcome to the circle of garbage.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


    77 degrees in Kansas in February... WHAT?! As much as I fear climate change, I must admit it was nice to spend a weekend outdoors and/or with all the windows open. We took lots of walks, washed the car, and tonight grilled some brats. The Shibas supervised and made sure I didn't burn them.

Scuba Shower!

       This afternoon was the baby shower for our good friends—Zach, a fellow divemaster, and his wife Megan. They and their daughter Hailey are expecting boy/girl twins in April/May!
   That's my dive buddy Jeff D.—with stickers on our foreheads. (You may recognize Jeff as the guy who kissed me 60' underwater in Roatan.)
   Many from our Skin n Scuba family attended, including Sam himself!
    Aaaaand if you have liquid in your mouth, you should probably swallow that before you read on—don't want a spit take on your computer! Chris, our fabulous organizer, asked me to draw one of the games: pin the sperm on the uterus. My artistic piece de resistance! I've waited all my life to be asked to draw something THIS ridiculous!!! So here they are in all their glory... I give you... SCUBA SPERM!

   I nearly did a spit take when I overheard one of the kiddos speculating what I was drawing on the dry erase board. She guessed "a person holding cookies." Similarly, one of the boys said the sperm looked like snails riding motorcycles. Clearly, my work here is done!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's treat!

   I'm teaching part-time at Art Institute International KC, and received the coolest Valentine's Day surprise: our administrators left homemade goodies and this wonderful note in our mailboxes.  A simple and unexpected gesture that totally made my day!
   How do you thank your coworkers, on Valentine's Day and every day?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cray Tay

   This dog is 10 years old and still LOSES HIS MIND about riding in the car, walking, hiking, kayaking, seeing our friends, food... wish I could bottle his energy & enthusiasm! 
   I drew this is part of a demo for my hand lettering class. And in anticipation of any time that I suggest any type of fun activity to Taylor. All it takes is the word "go" and he's ready!

Lovely Lenexa

   Our happy hikers included many of the usual suspects today... and we brought Olivia and Sammy into the group! She, Kelly, and I hadn't visited Lake Lenexa before. We were in for quite a treat—such gorgeous weather—70 degrees in in February?!—and such gorgeous scenery!
   And one of the best treats of the day... bumping into my former foster dog, Raven! She looked wonderfully happy, with her rescued-Shiba-BFF, Merlin. Made my heart sing! (Aki still doesn't like her, after all these years. Boo.)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Back to school

   Back to school! Today was the first longer walk for Aki, with her two bionic knees. She was VERY excited to see crossing guard Mary and our favorite kids. 

   Taylor and I've been out there to greet them nearly every day for over a year. And Aki has gone whenever she's able. Which hopefully will be more frequently from now on!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wonderful Wichita

   Visited Wichita today for the first time in more than 10 years, to meet with a prospective client/employer. Was completely blown away by their facility, their team, and their product. Wow. Well worth the trip!
   Similarly: as I was driving into town, I spotted the sign for Hopping Gnome Brewing and the giant rooster atop the Donut Whole and made a mental note to stop for treats before heading home. They, too, exceeded expectations. It was a 3 hour drive each way, but I have to say… Well worth. Well done, Wichita!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kitchen carnage

   When leaving the house this evening, I distinctly remember NOT EVER SAYING, "you guys help yourself to anything you can grab from the drawers." These three jerks hunt cooperatively. Like household velociraptors.
   They ate a package of multigrain crackers, half a bag of sea salt popcorn, two small bags of kettle corn, and… A bag of crispy fried jalapeños. Little worried about how that last one is going to go down!!!