Sunday, April 20, 2014

Overland Park Arboretum

   I've lived in my house in Overland Park for more than nine years. So it was about time that I finally made it out to see the Arboretum. I met Joni, Kip, and Asher; and Kristi, Brandy, and Bella, for a nice Easter stroll.
   Dogs are not allowed on the concrete trails within the main portion of the Arboretum… I guess too many bad apples spoiled that bunch. But the pretty wooded trails are open to all.
   Even Easter bunnies.

Bad Bunnies

   Everything was fine until Taylor's bunny ears fell off, and Aki snarled at him for his insolence. I tried to get Kismet to wear them too, and she was willing, but they were just too big and kept slipping around her neck.

Easter Eve cookout

   Britten and Rich plans to come over this evening to grill and enjoy the perfect weather on my deck. What we didn't plan was what we were going to eat in advance. We decided we would just each get some things and see what happened. Food roulette! Well, you can probably guess what happened… We had a TON of food!
   Barbecued pork chops, jalapeno–lime slaw, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, skewers with bacon wrapped shrimp and poblano peppers, soy marinated portobello mushrooms and poblano peppers, dragonfruit, tomato and onion salad, toffee-dark chocolate brownies, and two bottles of wine. So it was both a pleasure and a relief when Scott and Abby and August showed up to join us.
   It was one of those nights that always makes me question why I don't do this a lot more often. So maybe this year I will!

Easter bunnies everywhere!

   My holiday shopping took me to Walgreens, who had these awesome pink and white bunny ears. Literally seconds of fun!!!
   I ran into the real bunny at Price Chopper. Who knew he was so tall?!
   Okay, this one isn't a bunny… It's an Anubis. But come on--look at those ears! All he needs is a cute pink basket full of eggs hanging from that scepter! I took M'kiylah to see the King Tut exhibit at Union Station this afternoon.
   Video of the adorable and accommodating Shibas here:
   Joni and I even made fools of her three dogs:
We bribed them with Easter treats… Yet another bunny.
   And then we boarded the sushi train for our own dinner. No bunnies there, just lots of delicious sushi!

Happy Easter morning to you

   My bunny – err, kitty – greets the sunrise. (And all the little happy, noisy birds who have come to enjoy some breakfast.)
   Of all the amaryllis I've owned, I don't think I've ever had one flower a second time. But today the one that I got in 2012 decided to open up!
   These are the cute Easter treats I picked up for my one year-old neighbor, August. Target had the greatest little sippy cups! And I drew matching characters to complete the gift.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter + curiosity...

   ... Nearly claimed my cat! I was wrapping up a box of gifts to send to my nephews in Los Angeles, when Kismet jumped on the table, and climbed inside the Paper Source bag. She got stuck in one of the handles, and the rest was history. Hilarious history.
   There are two other videos of this scene in my Instagram account as well… Aki and Taylor popped into try to help, but Kismet was not having it!
   Later Taylor and Kismet sparred a little more:


   Somehow I just realized that Warrior Dash is the day before Trolley Run. And I signed up for both. This is going to be interesting… At least, that's one word for it. Painful might be another ;)
   Warrior dash is a 5K plus a bunch of obstacles and a whole lot of mud. Trolley run is an easy 5k course. I think I should be okay. Or I would have been, had I kept up my training. Somehow all the travel and snowboarding and long boarding and diving have kind of messed that up. I can't wait to draw the aftermath of that weekend. I may be in traction.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Snow Fair

   Welcome to the schizophrenic world of Kansas weather: 84° on Saturday, snow today! (Of course, I love this reprieve. it was already getting too hot to run outside.)
   If I lived in Denver right now, I be calling in sick right now. And apparently Brett was thinking that it exactly as I was.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


   Super inspiring. I've watched this like three times. This guy is an animal and I love it.
And... WHAAAAAT???

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring at Antioch Park

  The weather was so sunny and beautiful today but I found it irresistible to drive through my favorite park in town, to catch a glimpse of the flowers. It's what the Japanese call 花見: flower viewing.

Longboarding lesson #2

   I survived another two hour lesson with Brett… Success!!!
   My ankle, shin, and hip feel slightly less successful, as they suffered minor road rash in the three crashes that I endured (curse you rocks, sticks, and huge cracks in the pavement! Flipping me off my board is bad karma!). You can see some dirt and scrapes on my wrist guards and knee pads. Talk about money well-spent!
   Today my legs were quite tired after the 10+ miles that I ran Wednesday/Thursday, so next time with fresher legs should deliver even better results. One would hope. One would also hope that this will keep my muscles in shape for snowboarding season, so I can pick right up where I left off in Winter Park, no matter where I head next. If I'm lucky, Japan might be next.
   Sunday: I'm walking a little like an old lady this morning, but otherwise, I'm fine. I'll take sore hips over broken bones any day.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pizzamaster strikes again

I feel super lucky every time I get invited to the Tompkins's for pizza night!!!

Shiba karate!

   The theme of this week's Thursday lunchtime drawing session was kung fu. Actually got it wrong in my sketchbook and did karate instead. Whoops! I'm sure there are two very different things, but when Shibas are doing them, they look pretty much the same.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yeti or not!

   Charlie's birthday is on Sunday, and he's tall and goofy like an abominable snowman, so a bunch of us are bringing yeti themed cards and treats for him tomorrow. So of course I had to do reprise of my yeti brownies. Yeti are fun to drive no matter the medium. So I did a couple more.