Sunday, June 25, 2017

Welcome home, finches!

   Early this morning, I started working in the yard. I was out front weeding and kitty was outside with me. Suddenly a pair of house finches landed on the hook holding the birdfeeder. Kitty and I became very still as they "talked" to each other and sang. It was so enchanting! Watched and listened for several minutes before they finally flew away.

Next I took down my hanging baskets to water them. Many times I just use the extension on the hose and water them while they're still hanging. Boy was I glad I didn't do that today! When I sat down one of the baskets, look what I found! Now I know what Mr. and Mrs. Finch were talking about. Hope there will be some eggs in this perfect little nest soon…

   Kismet has been joining me outside (on a harness and 50' leash for safety) and LOVES it. Look how tired she is from being out all morning. LOL!!