Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cap and Gown time!

   One of my students sent me our group photo from the Art Institutes International's graduation ceremony a couple weeks ago. This will be the last group of Graphic Design majors graduating from the Lenexa campus.
   Gotta brag about these ladies. Talented, dedicated, hardworking. Their final projects and portfolios blew me away—so proud of all they've accomplished already!
   If anyone is looking for fresh design talent, please message me, I'd love to connect you, and they're all looking for careers and freelance work. (I plan to work with them myself!)
   These 6 months of teaching have been such a great experience—I absolutely loved it. The students each inspired me and I hope I did the same for them. I've tried to live up to the high standards of the instructors I had in high school and college and impart some of the wisdom they instilled in me, as well as draw from my own experience. Hope to find another opportunity to teach... my work here is not done.
   Big thanks to my buddies Heather Ralls, Charlotte Belland, and David Delbianco for your help and encouragement!