Thursday, February 3, 2011


   It is officially the year of the rabbit (卯年 in Japan), but I'm the lucky one...  my friends Kari and Dave recently returned from a business trip to Hong Kong, and they brought back plenty of goodies to share, from both China and Japan. ごまパイ (sesame pie)、チョコレートパイ (chocolate pie)、シーサーチョコ (Shiesare brand chocolates), a giant chocolate coin, good luck guide and more!
   Japanese caramel-flavored chocolates in the shape of foo dogs (with the coolest illustrations on the box! Their names are あ—"ah" and うん—"uun".) The candies aren't filled; the chocolate itself is infused with caramel flavor, smooth and delicious!
   And perhaps one of the strangest finds... pork candy. It's actually a piece of dried, spiced pork. And although that sounds really weird, let me assure you: it is DELICIOUS. If I had tried them before, I would have asked the gang to bring a few bags back for me. Yum.
   Kari held her annual Chinese New Year party, and the best part: her Dad showed up in a giant white rabbit suit! Wish my dogs could have seen that... I'm sure they would have lost their minds!