Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Hallmark moments: Happy Birthday, Camille!

   Today is Camille's birthday, and her adoring fans brought copious amounts of delicious treats and left them in piles on the table outside our offices. Lexie made some especially addictive chocolate-chocolate chip cookies that I grazed on all day long (they go well with morning coffee, an after-lunch snack, and a late afternoon snack, FYI). I told Lexie how awesome they are and how evil she is for leaving them near me, and she left THIS on my desk when I was off at a meeting. She is so nice-slash-evil!!! 
   Camille got a lot of great cards, but I couldn't find what I needed in our selection and had to make them myself: mini snowboarding Camille & Roxy (with their names on their boards in Japanese, just because it's cool).