Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shiba house party!!!

      Somehow, in a moment of extreme weakness (no surprise considering my love for animals) I was talked into fostering FOUR Shiba puppies. In case you're counting, that will be my two dogs, Koko, the three girls, plus Sookie = SEVEN shibas!
   Koko's 3 sisters who came with him from St. Louis were supposed to be fostered in MN, will now be staying in KC. It turns out that all 3 of the girls need knee surgery to correct a problem that is common in shibas, and our vet who does the surgeries is here in KC. So, starting at 3:00 tomorrow, I will be fostering the girls. We will be looking for either a temporary foster home to get them through their six-week recovery, or a permanent home (foster-to-adopt) for them.
   Their prognosis will be great after surgery: they should be able to live out the rest of their lives without further issues. They will have their surgery next week, and then will need simple care: keeping them quiet, walking on leash only until they are healed. The surgery will be paid for entirely by MSIR.
   But enough about bad knees... these girls don't seem to know there's anything ailing them, and they play as hard as any puppies I've seen! Sookie (who was recently adopted by Ryan) joined us so she could pick the perfect playmate for herself.
They came, they saw, they played...
They held staff meetings...
   Aki and Taylor had their work cut out for them, keeping rowdy 6-month-olds in line. Here they are telling Skeeter to calm down:
And eventually they all kissed and made up:
Aki asks Sookie and Taylor to play:
Scooter, Piggy and Skeeter:
Sookie and Scooter had a blast:
Koko vs. Flying Sookie!
   It's going to be a crazy few days, keeping these girls until their surgeries, but we're going to have a lot of fun!