Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Trail Ends in Pancakes

Group shot by the bridge as we were leaving camp
   All in all, I hiked about 3 miles to and from camp (with the heaviest packs), 6 miles on Saturday + the 3 mile bonus round (with packs loaded with water, rain gear, snacks and first aid). So that's about 12 miles. Not too shabby! It is such a cool concept to be self-sufficient in the wilderness, carrying in whatever you need to survive on your back, and following LNT ("Leave No Trace") principles, which means that everything you carry in, you carry out. We even used our empty trash bags to clean up the garbage others had left behind: beer cartons, cans and bottles, broken glass, foil and aluminum cans.
Smashing down my sleeping bag
Hanging in the cave with Brandon, Larry & kim
Drinking coffee & sketching: my favorite things to do anywhere!
Renee packs up
Our tent kept the leaves dry!
Heading out...
Brandon's view from his Stickpic!
Finally, a blue sky!
Brandon's shot of the drive home
A little town on the way to Rolla
Breakfast (and washing faces & hands!) at Shoney's in Rolla
Michael, keep your paws off my pancakes!
The closest I've ever come to finding gold at the end of the rainbow...
and to finishing 4 pancakes in one sitting! Mmm!
   And when I got home and posted my photos, Rick's comment made me LOL: