Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Busy Spring Day

   Between the 4-mile race at 7:45 am and the 7+ hours of yardwork I did today, my knees and back pretty much hated me! Now that I'm relaxing, though, I feel great. What a day!
   I went to a couple of different grocery stores on the way home from the race. Really bad idea: I was famished and overbought! I came home and put the groceries away. Then I ran to the gas station to get gas for the mower and exchange my empty propane tank so I can start grilling again. Last stop was the hardware store, to get materials to fix the screen door (finally) that Bruce the Scotty turned into a doggie-door last summer. I fixed the screen door first and can't believe how much better it looks! And now the bugs will stay out and the dogs will stay in. Yay! Should have done that months ago.
   The dogs spent the day curled up in the sun on the grass, snoozing. (Note to self: be one of my own pets in my next lifetime.) I spent the day de-thatching and fertilizing the lawn, poisoning wild violets, cleaning up and weeding all the flower beds, bringing out the bird bath and large flower pots, planting cilantro (homemade salsa, here I come!), and power-washing the deck. It was nice to be outside: between my lilac bush and the mini daffodils, the air smelled super-sweet and the breeze felt good. I mowed last night, and Dave fixed my sunken gazebo while he was here. So suddenly my yard looks great and I'm excited to hang out outside again! ...But as it’s scheduled to rain for 6 out of the next 7 days, that may have to wait. Glad I got so much accomplished today!
Lilac with a cheesy 70s glow
Mini Daffodils
Blueberry bush
   When the sun went down, I started to whip up tonight's culinary experiment: broiled salmon steaks with Asian glaze, roasted butternut squash & sweet potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta, garlic bread, and an heirloom tomato salad with fresh mozzarella and torn basil. With a glass of Moscato for dessert. DEE-LISH.
Stealth kitty tries to steal the salmon steaks
Broiled salmon steaks
Too much food, but I worked hard for it!
   Now I'm lounging on the couch, newspaper and cats on my lap, catching up on Top Chef Masters. At least until I…Zzz...