Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cali: Day 1, The Return

   The last leg of the trip into Sausalito required us to carry the bikes down a very steep flight of stairs, and then back up an equally steep flight before taking a long, winding downhill slope into the city. Dave went first and passed with flying colors, which isn't terribly surprising since he's fully ten feet tall. I struggled. The bike was tall for me, and heavy, and I couldn't lift and hold it high enough to navigate stairs. My hero Dave took care of it for me.
   Rather than bike back up the steep 2-mile hill from Sausalito back across the Bridge, we opted to hop the ferry, which was in itself picturesque and a fun experience. (Other than having to navigate stairs with a bike again, I might add.)
    We had definitely worked up our appetites (and it felt 2 hours later to us, of course), so we returned the bikes and headed to dinner at Scoma's, one of Dave's favorites...