Sunday, May 15, 2011

California, here I come!

   The quick summary is that my trip to San Francisco courtesy of Hallmark (thank you sincerely, Hallmark!) was not only great from a work standpoint in building a stronger relationship with our clients and coming away with a better understanding of their needs, but you know me... I never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure. And the trip was fantastic from that standpoint too, to say the least.
   I would like to tell more about the work part of my trip, but assume that it should be kept confidential, so don't let the content of my posts give you the impression that I was goofing off. I took that work very seriously. I goof off on my own time.
   Speaking of that, I hiked 10-12 miles in Muir Woods and felt smallered by the giant Redwoods, biked across the Golden Gate bridge with my buddy Dave, ate some incredible seafood—yes, and sushi—hung out with one of my childhood best friends that I hadn't seen in 12 years, saw a concert, breathed in the fresh sea air, laughed by head off, walked my legs off, ate my own weight in Greek food and ice cream back-to-back in a move that should have killed me, and just generally squeezed every drop of fun out of 3.5 days. It felt longer and shorter than that all at once!
   And as always, I took tons of photos that I'm still in the process of uploading, so scroll down and hit "older posts," and look out for May 4-8 if you'd like to see my shenanigans. (More coming soon!)