Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali

   Today I flew to San Francisco to meet with one of our largest retailers. In order to get a direct flight, Dave and I had to come a day early (darn) and wanted to do something cool. So we hiked up to Pier 39, rented a couple of bikes from Blazing Saddles, and headed toward the most photographed bridge in the world (so I hear). It is a true icon, and though I crossed it by car about 18 years ago (the last time I visited the Bay area—too long ago!), I wanted a more up-close look. And didn't I get it?
the approach
the crossing
the other side
   It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon: sunny, warm and clear. Given that this excursion wasn't pre-planned for today, we were not dressed for it. The sweater I was wearing and the dress shirt Dave was wearing looked pretty funny. But the sweeping views of the city and the bay were well worth the fashion faux pas. The path curved through a large park and then uphill through a wooded area, and then even more uphill on a couple of switchbacks up to the bridge. It kicked our butts a little bit, but we made it. And once on the bridge... wow. It was a nice, long ride with the sun and breeze on our faces and the view was exhilarating.
   Once over the bridge, we curved down a long road leading into Sausalito, flew down the winding hill into town, did a little shopping, and then hopped the ferry to go back to the pier. Had we biked back, that hill going back up out of Sausalito would have been killer. And besides, we were ready to head to Scoma's for a bite and a cold glass of Anchor Steam.
   I was going to do this trek on my own on Friday or Saturday, but was really glad that Dave was game to join me. We had a blast!
   These photos are all from my phone, so I'm eager to download better ones from my camera. What an experience!
   Okay, so the work of my cell camera isn't as good as this image I found online, granted... but it looked just like this in person, I swear!