Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just so you know....

   Possums aren't the only ones good at playing possum.
   Darwin seems to be doing okay so far, inasmuch as he is lively and eager for meals. But he's still dragging his back legs, which makes me worry that he may be paralyzed permanently. Time will tell, but he's getting the best shot at life—I'm making sure of it!
   The dogs are living up to their reputation as hunters and are driving me bonkers. They know that there's an animal in the house and are determined to find him. They're jumping all over me, sniffing and searching frantically, and whining, all the while with eyes 3x their normal size, giant goofy grins, and tongues hanging to the ground. If it weren't so hot I'd keep him in the garage, but he's comfortable wrapped in a fleece jacket in a small kennel... as long as it's out of reach of certain nosy Shibas!
We can has possum... pleeeeeeese?!!?
We help you eet possum?