Friday, May 6, 2011

Sushi to Die For

    After doing a little research online while sitting in the corporate lobby yesterday waiting for our meeting, I was determined to hit Blowfish Sushi (subtitled "Sushi to Die For") on this trip, and made a reservation to eat there prior to the concert. Unfortunately the construction on the way back from Muir Woods and the painfully slow return of the rental car, plus the fact that after 10-12 miles of hiking I really needed a shower, all meant that I was late for my reservation. Which they cancelled because they assumed I wouldn't show up. Fortunately it's pretty easy to get a seat for one, especially at a sushi bar. Which is generally the best seat in the house, since you can talk to the chefs and watch them create.
    The decor was fun, with a large TV showing anime, original hand-painted anime cells adorning the walls, and anime all over the menu. Two of the chefs were clearly Japanese: one looked fairly conservative, and the other looked like a rockstar, with long, spiky orange hair. Awesome. It was almost like being back in Tokyo.
   I settled in and ordered a special cocktail, the proceeds of which would benefit Japan, and it was a tasty concoction of gin, cranberry, lime, yuzu, rosemary, and probably some other things that I've since forgotten. The sushi was fantastic and I can't wait to go back.
Halibut crudo (which had an interesting sourness that I loved once I got used to it)
Ritsu roll (their signature roll, and it's obvious why)
Blowfish maki (yum) & Super dynamite roll (super delicious)
    And I topped it off with hiramasa nigiri (young hamachi—even more tender and buttery!) My only regret was that I wasn't hungry enough to eat twice that much. The manager was really nice, too, and gave me a coupon for a free roll next time I return. Disco!