Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Houseful of Cats

   Did I mention that I have SEVEN animals in my house right now?! Kristin & Jeff apparently think that one cannot procure kittens in Portland, so they wisely adopted two young kittens shortly before embarking on a 2,639-mile cross-country journey with their current kitty, Mr. Mittendorf. Here's their trajectory:
   I must admit, Kismet and Pearl are irresistible. And at least in Kristin & Jeff's case, their pets do not outnumber them 4:1. (Hanging head in shame.)
Mittendorf doing his best sphinx impression
Kismet is part cat, part monkey
Pearl is an Atom lookalike!
   We thought it would be cute for easygoing Taylor to meet the kittens. The kittens could not agree less. They were probably glad to be leaving for Utah this morning!
Save me, Chococat!!!
Tiny yet terrifying!