Monday, June 6, 2011

KCCC Night 1: the 400m dash

   Due to all the new (and faster than me) recruits, I was off the hook tonight and was able to kick back and enjoy watching the runners. Jan, and especially Anique and Allison did awesome, placing 4th and 5th, and earning points for us. I'm hoping they all had enough fun that they'll want to join us again next year and will tell their friends!
  Got a great chance to hang out with Janet and get to know her (and her adorable corgi, Izzy, virtually) better. She's hilarious and I had a blast talking with her all evening.
  Corporate Challenge is so cool because although I've been with the company for nearly—gasp!—14 years (my anniversary is June 11!), the majority of the people I know are in our 1000-strong Creative Division. So it's a great chance for me to meet people from Finance, Inventory Planning, and yes, even HR (although with as much irreverent fun as I have at work, you'd think they'd know all about me already & possibly have me on constant surveillance).
   There's nothing like the experience and adrenaline of hanging out at the track, cheering on your—and everyone else's—team, running your hardest and trying to beat your personal best. We all work hard but it's so enjoyable too. Yes, running is enjoyable, I said it. Not easy for sure, but we have a good time.   (Photos coming soon...)
Shot Put was starting when I arrived at the track