Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Very Own Gallery

    I recently acquired a painting by one of my favorite professors from Columbus College of Art & Design, Tamara Peterson. (Don't actually have it yet, but Dad is graciously hand-delivering it to me soon...) It's called "See," an acrylic on canvas that she painted in 1996. I love the intense colors and the variety of forms that she used in the composition, and it contains some objects that are recurring elements in her work: peonies, letter forms, plants, art materials, and crazy quilts.
   Between this piece, the print by Kuniyoshi that I picked up in Kyoto four years ago that I finally had framed and hung; the vintage Kunisada that Eric bestowed on me for my birthday last year (which Kelley swears was all him... GO ERIC! And, note to self: rig the Christmas drawing every year from now 'til forever); and the works I've purchased from or traded with friends over the years (Hella's small character-based works, Dick's adorable wiener dog, Jack's charming "Millie" print; and a Maura collage)  I am really excited about the collection I'm starting to build. Nothing livens up the house like a unique collection of artwork!