Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Hallmark Moments: Challenging

   I use a Nike+ with my iPod Nano to track my running—mileage, speed, calories—the works! It's very cool. (Thanks, Mom.) If you're on Nike and want to challenge me to a race, I'm "shibarunner." Let's see what we can learn from a couple of recent runs, shall we?
Running alone:
"Running" (yes, in quotes) with two Shiba Inu:
   I do love running with them, but based on these scientific results I am guessing it's not helping me prepare for the KC Corporate Challenge track meet next week... Nor is it helping for Dog-n-Jog on June 12th, come to think of it. I need to tell these mutts to MUSH!
   Speaking of Corporate Challenge, I got suckered into joining the co-ed flag football team, and have unequivocally proven that I. SUCK. AT. FLAG. FOOTBALL. My greatest contribution to the team seems to be trash-talking, which I enjoy very much despite my complete lack of skill. So hopefully in that, I have served an important purpose. Hopefully a better (and safer) purpose than blocking opposing team members by accidentally being in the way and not being capable of moving out of the way fast enough to keep from being trampled, sometimes by my own teammates, for which I also am quite gifted.
   We scrimmaged against a crew from Shook Hardy & Bacon for 2 hours last Thursday, and 2 hours tonight. Through this I have learned that law school better prepares you for sports than art school.
   Our first (and hopefully not last) game is at 6:35 pm tomorrow. It's a fun way to blow a Friday night—or a knee! Wish me luck at getting out with both legs intact, because I want to run track, not be in traction.