Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've been tricked!

   Tonight after my swim lesson I stopped at the store, then came home to assemble a nice plate of food. I headed out on the deck to sit and enjoy a glass of wine. The dogs joined me outside. The sun was setting and it was a little cooler, and actually quite pleasant. (Any lingering unpleasantries would soon be erased by wine.)
   I sipped and enjoyed some cheeses and crackers. Aki ran up to me and dropped the wiffle ball at my feet. I flung it toward the far corner of the yard. (A little crab on the next cracker...)
   Aki hurried back excitedly with the ball and tossed it at me. I threw it again, as hard as I could. She flew after it. She looked so happy. (Another sip of wine. Some cheese? A slice of salami? Don't mind if I do...) She scooped it up and raced back to me.
   This time I stood and walked down the couple of steps, and really put some heat on it. Aki was really enjoying herself!
   And apparently so was Taylor. As I turned to head back up the steps I saw him in my chair, polishing off the last of the good stuff, leaving only a spread of blank crackers on the plate. I'd been had.
   It seemed so perfectly orchestrated that I almost think they planned it out in advance, like a couple of wolves. Or velociraptors. Who says dogs are dumb?