Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jen Takes on the World: Episode 2

   Not only did I get to try kayaking for the first time, in the ocean no less, on my Charleston adventure, but BOTH times we went out, we saw dolphins just 10-20 feet from our kayaks. I am a lucky girl. So, planning out the next episode of my proposed TV series, "Jen Takes on the World" was a no-brainer: exploring the inlets of the Atlantic ocean by kayak; baking in the sun; swatting mosquitos as big as my arm; dragging the kayak along and trudging through the thigh-high plough (pluff?) mud during low tide. And my animal companion would be a dolphin. It was fun to watch them splash and play—possibly hunting?—along the shoreline.
   Charleston had a wide variety of waterfowl, too: great blue and green herons, brown pelicans, seagulls, snowy egrets, bitterns, laughing gulls, and more. Photos to come... for now, some videos!