Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ode to the Cello

   Seeing Jeremy's performance set me off on many thought tangents. One of them being: The cello has always been one of my favorite instruments, and would be my choice if I were ever to learn to play. There are so many things that intrigue me about it. I watched the performer intently. In the beginning, she commanded the bow by moving her arms quickly and with almost mechanical precision, and at the same time, with fluidly and grace. As the show hit its crescendo, her movements became fervent, natural and primal. Mesmerizing.
Photo from Wikipedia
   The cello is a sensuous instrument. Large and handsome, it nestles comfortably between a woman's legs. She strokes it deftly and makes its deep voice sing sweetly. Its body is smooth and strong, with artful flourishes and lovely curves. Before even one note is played, the instrument is a work of art to be cherished. But it comes alive when the bow strokes it. The bow: strong, straight, simple. They are dependent on each other; the yin and yang.
   Studying it as she played, I wondered how the f-holes evolved into such beautiful calligraphy. When she turned the instrument and I could see its depth, it immediately reminded me of the lettering art of the late Margaret Kilgallen. I'd bet that this was where she found her inspiration for her letterforms.