Sunday, July 17, 2011

Plush with a Purpose

   My sister Kelley helped me learn how to make sock animals when I was visiting her in Los Angeles last weekend, and I created Maccha, a little green cat. I'm donating her to an online auction to benefit Japan in honor of my best friend Masayo, her husband Yoshihiro and her daughter Luna, who thankfully were unharmed in the terrible earthquake & tsunami on March 11. Love you guys!!
Luna & a friend
  According to the Save the Children organization, thousands of children and their families are still displaced and in evacuation centers due to the tsunami and the increased danger of radiation around the Fukushima power plant. It is estimated that at least 100,000 children have been affected by the disasters and that the conditions facing children and their families are so extreme that along with immediate relief responses in place they are developing a three-year strategy to help provide essential relief items to help restore children's sense of security and normalcy and advocate for their inclusion in emergency preparedness planning. They have set a funding goal of $20 million and need our support so that these kids and their families can grow up safe, happy and healthy!
   The Art Party for Japan silent art auction will be held online July 18-24th. More details coming soon. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief fund through Global Giving Project.
Thank you to all the artists who have donated their work to this worthy cause, and everyone, please check it out!
   Here is Maccha's story: まっちゃ (Maccha) means "Green Tea"—a fitting name for a lil' green kitty from 日本 (Japan)! Green tea also happens to be her favorite flavor of ソフトクリーム (soft serve ice cream). Maccha wears a bell and a さくら (cherry blossom) on her collar to remind her of her home town, 犬山 (Inuyama), which translates to "Dog City"! She sends her love to everyone in Japan—and everywhere in the world—and would be very happy to make her new home with you.
こちらはまっちゃと言う猫ですよ。まっちゃは英語で「」です。そして、まっちゃもこの猫の 一番好きなソフトクリームのあじです。まっちゃは日本を思っていますからさくらとベールを着ています。日本の犬山で来ました。日本と全部の世界を愛しています。でも、まっちゃはあなたと住みたがっていますよ。