Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gary + Pitbull + Me =

   This morning as I arrived at my desk, I was met by my work-neighbor and fellow rap afficianado, Gary, and he had a big grin on his face. He held up the new Pitbull album, waved it, and said, "Have you heard 'Shake, Senora? You've gotta listen to Track 7."
   So I handed him my Nano so he could enjoy some Flo Rida as I was transported to the a land of awesomely rude lyrics and catchy hooks. Nice.
   After I finished that song (and sampled the rest), he said, "You should just call me 'Mr. Worldwide' from now on."
   And that got me thinking about what my rap name would be. A quick Google search turned up a rap name generator and a myriad of choices, each funnier than the last.
J Jenny Money   
Crazy J Trip   
J Blush a.k.a. Audacious Brat   
Jenny J Sugar Honey   
Humble Jenny Nugget   
Sista Jenny R Mystique a.k.a. Ms. Bump   
Delicious Jenny Grind   
J Face   
Jenny J Bomb   
Jenny Beat
Special J
MC J Curves