Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Hallmark Moments: Act of Kindness

   My flight arrived home later than expected from my Charleston adventure (ah, weather delays), so, bleary-eyed, I hopped on the shuttle to the satellite parking lot. I got to my car and found that all 4 tires on my car were very low on pressure. This was frustrating primarily because I just spent a small fortune on new tires several weeks ago, and was gunning for another 3-year run of issue-free driving on them. My old tires had started to leak air and I was having to fill them 1-2 times a week. The service guys suspected I had run over a bunch of nails, but they weren't able to find the culprits.
   So this morning I had an unscheduled stop at the Toyota dealership on my way in to work. (Nothing like coming in late on your first day back!) No nails to be found, but my tires needed air and apparently the pressure sensors have stopped working. There might be a problem with the rims too, causing leaks if the tires are stationary at just the right spot. The service guy is a little sweet on me and said he'd try to talk Toyota into covering the cost of the repair, since I'm so recently out of warranty. (I think wearing a skirt today didn't hurt.)
   Enter my hero. Around 10 am, my buddy & neighbor, Nick, showed up at my desk and surprised me with a fresh latte. Completely out of the blue! Apparently he has a latte maker in his office and surprises an unsuspecting coffee lover everyday, and today was my lucky day. We don't even work in the same building, much less see each other very often, so it felt remarkable. I think the universe must have told him I needed that!
   And just like that, my sleepiness melted away and my frustration turned to elation. This was a great reminder about how a simple, thoughtful surprise can turn someone's day around. I'm going to do something nice for someone on my team this week, and hope that anyone that reads this will do it too.
A toast to Nick!!!