Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Hallmark Moments: This IS Cheating, Right?

   It's midyear performance-review time, and my troublemaking coworker, Dave, was kind enough to find an online performance review generator to help me with the daunting task of writing nine reviews (not that I'm complaining; my friend Renee has to write twenty-nine!). So I tested this thing about by plugging in my name, and voila!
   Performance Appraisal for Miss Rarey:
   It's tough for management to keep up with Miss Rarey. Miss Rarey is willing to take risks. She has been responsible for the changes in our work group dynamics. Her work sets her apart from her peers. She appears ever productive and has been seen dropping in at off hours. Such an employee demonstrates the importance of proper recruiting. I find that as an employee, she is a management textbook example and she works behind the scenes. She frequently thinks "outside the box". Her performance defies measurement.
   Yes, it certainly does.  ;)