Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bittersweet Farm: Around The Farm

Approaching the house from the garden
The main pond
View of the pond from the second-floor porch at the main house
Garden shed (Mark built it, of course)
House & honey house
Another pond on the 80-acre property
Lily pond. We saw green heron here!
Back door to the house
This old pump still works!
Lunchtime on the porch, overlooking the pond and the majestic farm
   One of the things that impresses me about homesteads like this one (and like Greg & Peggy's, up in Homer, Alaska) is when I stop to think about the immense amount of imagination that went in to creating it. This farm has been in the family for years, but Mark and Becky (with a little help from their friends) have dammed creeks, added ponds, and seeded them with lilies; they've cut trails through the property; they've put in lush gardens; built another house, and a shed, a chicken coop... you name it!
   My favorite idea of theirs is the large wrap-around porch on the main house, with a row of rocking chairs all lined up, overlooking the pond and a large chunk of the property. It was the ideal place to sit and relax, have lunch and a glass of wine, and share stories. 
   I hope someday I'll have a place as beautiful, unique, and inviting as theirs. They are certainly the type of people to make everyone feel welcome, and people come to spend time together there. They've even got extra beds tucked all over the place... What a special, wonderful place!