Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tag Team Tompkins

   Diane & Madeline, aka "Tag Team Tompkins", the dynamo mother-and-daughter duo has some fantastic new letterpress prints, hot off the presses of Skylab! They're also featured in the special Halloween issue of Better Homes & Gardens, on newsstands now. Hurry on over to their Etsy shop to get your favorite quotes, immortalized with Diane's cut-paper silhouettes, and Madeline's hand-lettering.
   I just purchased my favorites, the two prints above, and bought frames for them this morning. The printing quality is so high, with a heavy white paper and crisp inks. They look incredible as soon as you pop them in the frame—no mat required! I love how their work is so balanced: lovely, but with teeth—many of the quotes have dark undertones.
   I've been fortunate to know the Tompkins family for many years now; they're my unofficial home-away-from-home here in KC. Great people. So what are you waiting for? Get some prints!
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   Madeline graciously surprised me with this print, and although the image features a Scottish Terrier, I'm reasonably sure that she had my Aki in mind when she lettered it. (It's certainly Aki's attitude!)