Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Hallmark Moments: Cloudy with a Chance of Hilarity

   There have been some awesome stormy clouds rolling through this week, though they produced very little rain. I took these on my way to work, and again wished I had brought my good camera! I'd put it in my pocket and take it everywhere, where it not GINORMOUS. (That 20x zoom has its downside. Time for a new mini point-and-shoot?)
   Today's work day was full of surprises; none of them bad per se, but some things definitely caught me off guard. (If I stopped to think about it, I could probably say that every day. Which actually is part of what I like about my job.) Fortunately our Creative holiday party at Marianne's house was this evening (avoiding the actual, overly-busy holiday season). So some good wine, good food, and good friends were awaiting me.
   I had a blast talking to everyone, and capped off the evening talking to Sara, Kit, Andrea & Julie—who collectively got me laughing so hard that I did a literal spit take—I had to turn and spit my mouthful of water into Marianne's mums to keep from choking on it. I believe we were talking about questionable gifts, such as a putter, a vacuum, and a food dehydrator. And doesn't that just sound like the intro to a perfectly hilarious joke? Sara said, "What, did he think you were going to live off the land?!" and I was done.
Have a fun & funny weekend, dear readers.