Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hallmarket 2, Electric Boogaloo

   Today on the Hallmark square: the second annual Hallmarket art show & sale! Steph & Jack invited me to share their booth, and they said it was dog-friendly, so I brought the crowd-loving Taylor with me, and spared his more shy sibling.
View from our booth
Our booth
Donna VanHooser's Sundog Mosaics
Tag Team Tompkins
Steph's work
Jack & Steph's work
Jack, Steph & Penny, and Taylor & me
Michael, Aidan, and Aiden's new bat plush!
Me & my Cyclopticat
Steph & Penny
Chieko's daughter & her friend loved Mr. Tay!
Panda lover Maria Villa
Jeff Wilson's Frenchy puppy, Rocco
Renee, Joe, Rosie & Boo
Flora Chang
A guy in Retail who used to work for Disney
Sarah & Colin Walsh
Ruth Donikowski
Carol Osborne
My loot!