Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hold Your Horses

   Tonight I met Jamie, Mike, Ash, Olivia, Austin, Anand, Mike, and a few others at Lone Wolf Ranch Arena in Cleveland, MO (next door to The Berry Patch) for an evening trail ride followed by a happy hour with 14 Hands wine and appetizers.
   The horses were all seasoned at trail riding, and my assigned horse, Tasha, ignored my commands, requests and gentle kicks when I attempted to get her to gallop. Bummer!
   Today was 65 and very windy, but it had started to cool by the time we began our ride. By the end of it, it had dropped over 20 degrees and was downright cold! Nontheless, we had a fun ride for an hour and a half, and it was fun hanging out in the barn and chatting afterwards...
 This was pretty much my view the whole ride:
 Jamie, Ash, Jolene and Lidia:
 Gorgeous sunset:
 Lidia & baby Rowdy:
 Tasha & me: