Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keoki + the Ski Patrol Dogs

   While grabbing an après-ski Starbucks coffee at Northstar, I noticed a large photo hanging above the fireplace: "Nine dog sunrise", with nine Golden Retrievers sitting on a ski lift. Upon researching the photographer, Keoki Flagg, I found that Gallery Keoki sits in the village at Squaw Valley and features other, similarly-charming canine portraits. Keoki does a great job of capturing the joy on these working dogs' faces. Here's Rasco:
   And here are the two ski patrol dogs I met down at Heavenly, on top of the Dipper Express lift at the ski patrol station. Meet Madeline & Boulder. Adorable!
   My dogs would LOVE to be here with me playing in the snow. (And until I get a little faster on the board, they could practically run alongside me, too!)