Monday, December 26, 2011

My horoscope made me do it

The Radiant 2010 by Salomon
   Today's horoscope says, "Treat yourself to something you want that you didn't get." And I'm sure it meant to say somethingS, so I bought myself an electric-yellow snowboarding coat so I can be easily spotted on the slopes, and an equally-awesome new animal-themed board. (I feel slightly less guilty since they were both heavily-discounted, and will be happily enjoyed.)

   Now, if I were completely out of control, I also would have purchased the following two awesomely-designed boards. (Lord, please grant me the strength to resist...) It is a really, REALLY bad idea for artists to become snowboarders... these things are real works of art!
Bataleon Violenza 2012 (maybe it will go on sale in 2013?)
The Coda 2012 by Arbor shows off gorgeous bamboo with a Japanese motif