Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Little Pupcakes

    Okay, I'll admit it. I feel a little guilty leaving my pets alone for nearly 2 consecutive weeks, while I visited Kristin in Portland, and then went snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. (They're in *great* hands with Mary Ann, but I still miss them.) So tonight after Dan & John's holiday happy hour at Gram & Dun, I walked across the street to Three Dog Bakery to pick up a treat for the dogs. "A treat" turned into a bunch of treats: a doxie donut, pumpkin lab loaf, Boston terrier cream pie, and a holiday cupcake. (Mary Ann, if you're reading this, I have mini muddy paws for Gail & Lexie!) Based on their excited reaction, I'm guessing they forgot all about me being away. Spoiled Much?
For US?! Oh, boy!
Say "go"... say "go"...say "go".....
WHAT?! We only get to split ONE donut tonight?
Where do you think you're going, crumb?
   For the record, the only reason Gypsy isn't getting special treats is that she's on a strict prescription diet. So she's getting extra attention instead. Everybody wins!