Saturday, December 31, 2011

Random Adorable Photos

Gypsy on New Year's Eve, feeling spunky and claiming the dining room table as hers
She has claimed the adjacent stools as well
Aki curled up with me on the couch
So relaxed, her tail uncurled!
Taylor looking coy
Right after a bath... the second in just three days!
Despite my pleas, Gyp refused to eat the entire Filet-O'-Fish that I got just for her
All-out food assault: I literally tried everything* to get her eating again!
(*dry food, more dry food, canned food, chicken baby food, turkey baby food,
real rotisserie chicken, real turkey breast, dry food soaked in water,
Three Dog Bakery freeze-dried salmon treats,
dry food soaked in homemade chicken stock, tuna fish, shrimp, sirloin steak, pork,
McDonald's Filet-O'-Fish, and Sara Lee additive-free chicken lunch meat.)
Modeling this year's awesome red Nite Ize collars from Kelley & Eric,
and last year's white LEDs from Madeline
(we ran 3.5 miles in the dark tonight to try them out!)
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good nap!