Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reno or Bust?

   My first time here, & it's odd: the desert browns and scrubby plants make it look like it would be hot out there, but it's colder here than at home!
Not seeing any snow except for a dusting on the highest peaks. Heavenly has man-made snow, so I should still be able to ride--when the lifts reopen. They closed the lifts on the mountain today due to high winds! I'll still enjoy the stellar views of Lake Tahoe, I'm sure, but I am ITCHING to get on my board and see how much I retained from my last trek (Breckenridge in March).
   The winds also made takeoff & landing in Salt Lake City & Reno turbulent & treacherous. It was quite the roller coaster ride today. But every landing you walk away from is a good one!