Sunday, December 11, 2011

Surprise 10k Day!

   This morning I set out at 7:15 am (in freezing weather, no less) for what I thought would be about a 3-mile trail run at Shawnee Mission Park with my 2 Shibas + 2 friends, Rafael & Brett. Brett brought his pup, Sam, with him too. I *always* let Aki off the leash, and she *always* stays in view & comes right back to me. Not today. About 2.5 miles into the run, she took off after a squirrel. We kept running, as we always do. She loses the chase and then catches up. Today, apparently, she got lost.
   Rafael, Brett and Sam continued on the orange loop, looking for her. I went back out across the street and down to the lake, because I had heard a lot of geese honking and assuming Aki was out there chasing them. Nope. I ran all along the north side of the lake, calling for her, and at the northwest corner where the trailheads are, I hopped onto the violet trail, not wanting to leave any stone unturned. As violet looped back into orange, I heard Rafael calling for me. Aki had been following a couple of women, then saw Rafael and remembered him, and followed him. Brett stashed her in his car.
   I ran 6.2 miles before she was found. And do you know where she showed up? Same place where we last saw her. And there I am, running around ALL the other trails thinking she was far afield!  Naughty, naughty Shiba!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   On the bright side, Taylor and I ran a 10k! And we've both been lounging on the couch ever since. I wish more races allowed dogs to run, too... this guy is awesome!