Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tahoe Wrap-Up

3 friends. 6 days. 21.5 hours. 55 lifts. 25 pins.
33 photos. 56,583 vertical feet. 10 miles.
0 broken bones. 100% awesome!
   Epic Mix uses your RF (radio frequency)-enabled season pass to track all your stats so you can challenge your friends, earn badges, and get professional photos on-mountain. (Now, if they could only catch action shots on the slopes!) I'm sure snowboarding was amazing before this technology, but I'm even more sure that it's better now!
   I may still be getting the hang of riding, but I've loved it from day 1, and it gets better every time I hit it. Now that I'm able to link turns and am picking up speed, it is the most amazing feeling... probably the closest I'll ever get to flying!