Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clinton Lake has Gone to the Dogs

   This afternoon I took Aki & Taylor out for another hike with Joni, Alan, Wager, Kippy, & Asher; and Susan, Mark, Sanda, Louie, & Scruffy. This time we drove out to Clinton Lake, to enjoy the freakishly nice, 45-degree, sunny January weather! Susan & Mark drove separately, while the Shibas and I crashed the Bordermobile...
My best friend, Kippy
"Asher, stop licking my eye!"
"MOMMM! Asher's sticking his tongue out at me!"
5 people + 8 dogs (Joni was behind the camera)
Susan leads the pack
While not water dogs per se, the Shibas sure enjoy playing and exploring on the shore!
Gorgeous Wager poses as soon as the camera come out
"Pay attention to me."
Louie leads the pack
Taylor poses up on high
Joni caught me holding my apple while digging through my pack...
   After the hike, Susan spotted a Mexican restaurant as we drove through Lawrence, so we stopped. The fajitas were great (I had the shrimp & scallop variety), and the frozen margaritas were REALLY great!