Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Deciphering the iPhone Camera

   I'm not sure I'm ready to throw out my higher-end digital camera, but the iPhone holds its own against other small point-and-shoot models. It's fun to play, especially with some of the apps that allow you to modify the shots right on your phone! Here's a spontaneous Gyp shot:
Gorgeous Gyppo, up to her old tricks (preventing me from reading the Sunday paper)
A before-and-after from Instagram:
Snarky Aki & Sweet Taylor
Here's the same shot, with some Instagram magic! This app is great because it uploads your work to a social site, where you & your friends can view & comment on each others' work.
And here's another before-and-after:
   Just by cropping and applying simple preset filters, you can enhance the drama in a shot. Here are a few fun ones from Colorado:
    One of the filters blows out the color and flattens the darks, just like 70s film photographs:
   There's an app called TiltShift that makes the subjects look like miniature scale models by adding a blur strategically. (At least, that's the idea... it's tricky to get right, but I'll keep trying.)
   Another fun feature is that the iPhone has both a forward- and rear-facing camera, and you can choose which way you shoot. This takes the guesswork out of shooting photos of yourself, since you can view the shot live onscreen. Fun for spontaneous snapsHere are a couple pics from the ride out to Lawrence on Saturday:
Asher, stop licking my eye!
MOMMMM, Asher's sticking his tongue out at me!!!
Basking in the Kippy love...