Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dog Parking Lot

   It was over 60 degrees today (had to check the calendar... Yep, still February!). So I took the beasts to Stoll Park for an afternoon romp, hoping to burn off some of their beastly energy. Seriously, this month off of my feet has been trying in many ways, not the least of which being that bored dogs will follow trouble anywhere they can find it.
   About 100 other dog owners had the same idea, including our friends Traci & Pete, with Shiba Rinni, and SEVEN other Shiba owners... TEN Shibas in all! I've never seen so many at the park at once, other than an organized meetup! (Unfortunately most were young dogs from "breeders"... when will people learn?!)
   Taylor was in rare form and raced around like an idiot for over an hour. All I saw was a whirling blur, like a canine Tasmanian devil. Aki seemed to enjoy herself, too, and I think a bit of sunshine and fresh air was good for me.
Stopping for a second for some attention
Aki, Rinni, and Taylor