Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Westminster 2012

   I'm catching up on Westminster from earlier this week, and just got a glimpse of the Shiba. Tell me this isn't among the most handsome and charming breeds. They are active, impish, and delightful, along with being smart and full of style. Yet, one has never won Westminster. And frequently on televised dog shows, the Shiba (among others) is edited for time and never seen. No one would dream of cutting the Beagle, the Bichon, the Labrador, or the Poodle. (As if there would be rioting in the streets!)
   Unfortunately, networks pander to what is most popular, creating a self-fulfilling prophesy for the unusual breeds. It's a big deal when something "odd" wins, like 2011's Scottish Deerhound.  It's a shame that dog shows don't take the opportunity to provide education to would-be dog lovers. I bet most people have no idea that there are hundreds of breeds. (And yes, some of them nicer than a Labrador, sorry to tell you.)
   Here's the best of breed judging from this year's competition. 8 reds and 1 black and tan, no sesame (Aki's color).
   There are advantages to being a breed that few are aware of—they are less likely to be exploited by puppy mills. So given that our local rescue group is always good & busy as it is, with dogs being surrendered to them constantly, I should count my blessings. (There are currently TWO DOZEN in rescue in this region!)
   Despite that, I was delighted when they aired this new Purina Pro Plan commercial, with a Shiba puppy right near the beginning!