Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunny Sunday Funday

Another beautiful day in sunny LA; with camellia blooming in the yard,
And equally beautiful homemade breakfasts!  ;)
And polar bears roaming in the house...
   Once she was done torturing the baby, Kelley took me to my own torture experience: getting my brows waxed for the first time! (First time for me, I might add.) The salon she chose, Frenchy's, features prominent human skull motifs and half-naked tattoo women on their postcard—should I be concerned?
   I was up first, and it went quickly, and wasn't nearly as painful as the movies would have you believe. Then I was on babysitting duty:
Hangin' with Seanie
Sean looks concerned for Mom...
Heather was awesome: friendly, funny, and good at her work
(In between: "AHHH, KELLY CLARKSON!!!")
   And then we made a trek to Sew LA, so Kelley could pick up some new fabrics, and I could find a replacement button for my Anthropologie jacket. There was so much to see there:
   After that, a jaunt across the street to Lamill coffee for a super-tasty "mojito" (lime muddled with fresh mint, and club soda). Kelley snapped a few fun picks while we were waiting for our orders.
   Tim and Elias, and Kaz and Megan joined us for dinner. We picked up a load of entrees from Krua Thai: pad Thai, pad see ew, pad prik, and angel wings (chicken drumsticks loaded with minced pork, cabbage, and veggies, then breaded and friend, with pickled cucumber and spicy chili-garlic sauce). SO GOOD:
   Then it was bath time for Sean, and bed time for all. Nighty-night!