Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lucky Find

   I have to credit Taylor for this one... We were walking on the rocks along the shore, trying to make our way back to the trail, when Taylor suddenly lurched—he had found a ribbon snake! It was slender and quick, and did NOT want to be eaten by a portly Shiba, so it took off. I struggled to keep up with it. It finally circled the trunk of a small tree and turned to stare us down. While Taylor held it there, I went behind the tree and nabbed it!
   I've always loved snakes, ever since I was a young child. I think they're beautiful and fascinating. I don't think I'd handle the poisonous variety, but I don't see many snakes, so I can resist handling the harmless ones. (The worst part is that they spray musk all over your hands in an attempt to scare you away... Gross! But these lil' guys are too small to bite you.)
This snake is a little feistier than I thought—watch your nose!!!
A snake bracelet. A snakelet.
Rafael takes his turn, with Taylor supervising closely:
By the time Brett got it, the snake was more docile: