Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love the Drake

Ryland, my yoga buddy & fellow music aficionado, went with me
   This review will be short & sweet, just like Drake's show. He played a scant 1 hour 20 minutes, and 20 minutes of that was a tedious stunt in the middle where he set out to individually recognize every person in the audience. ("You in the red shirt, I see you! You three with the I love Drake sign, I see you! All you in section 225, I see you!") that space could have been occupied by 4-5 more songs, which would have been perfect, given that he inexplicably neglected to play a few of his biggest hits (Fancy, Up all night, Best I ever had, Find Your Love.) What the what?!?! He only has TWO albums!
   He is a solid talent and one of my favorite artists, which is why I expected more for my $54 ticket plus $25 service charge (Ticketmaster can go to hell, btw.) The last show I saw, Kanye & Jay-Z, felt like a bargain at $125 due to the incredible performances, showmanship, lights & video. This ticket was cheaper, but felt overpriced... Drake didn't even play one song in its entirety, but took a page out of Diddy's book & hit the highlights, with a healthy portion of ore-recorded content. With that, & underwhelming visuals, this left me wanting more.
   Drake was more wrapped up in presenting himself than his talent, and at the end if the day, he is handsome & charming, but I care about the music much more than the man. The best shows pump you up and connect with you on an emotional level, and this one didn't for me; I'd give it a B-. And a D for the sound quality inside Sprint Center.
   His set list included my favorite song to snowboard to, The Motto, as well as Headlines, Miss Me, Take Care, Lord Knows, & I'm on One, Over, She Will, Shot for Me, We'll be Fine/Round of Applause, Forever, Marvin's Room, Cameras, Uptown, All Night Long, Look What You've Done, Make me Proud, Practice, HYFR, & Underground Kings. Chase Cashe, ASAP rocky, and Kendrick lamar opened.