Tuesday, May 22, 2012


   Upon bringing kitty home, I got her settled in the basement with all of her supplies, so that she could relax and get accustomed to her new surroundings without being hassled by the dogs.  Shortly after I got her settled, Kathy came by to drop off Zoey, my new foster Shiba, who is not used to cats, and who barks her head off when she sees one. Not pleasant for anyone involved!

   And of course being in the basement ensured that she knew exactly where to find the litter boxes, before I open up the whole house to her. I went down to visit her often, and she was quite happy and excited to see me each time, literally throwing herself on me. And obsessively scratching on the sisal scratching post and cardboard scratch-lounge. Thank goodness I bought those—she is claw-happy!!!

   While the dogs were outside, I allowed kitty to come up from the basement and hang out in the living room all morning. She didn't really hang out, it was more all-out exploration. I put her back in the basement for her own safety while I left to go hiking and kayaking at Hillsdale Lake with the dogs.
   When we returned from our adventure, I let kitty explore again, and she started venturing into the living room, dining room and kitchen. She already comes running pretty reliably when I call to her, and is absolutely persistent in getting and giving affection. She has already developed a move in which she stands on her hind legs and corkscrews her body all the way around in one jump, rubbing her entire body on my legs. SO SWEET!

   At one point I went outside and Aki sneaked past me, running up to the dining room and meeting kitty before I intended it to happen. There was a quick hiss and kitty puffed up, then jumped on one of the barstools and kept a close eye on Aki, who almost completely ignored her. (Good dog!!!)
   Later this evening, Taylor caught up with kitty while she was sitting on the couch, and showed much interest but also great restraint: he stared at her, with his head resting on the couch, tail wagging. But he didn't press her. Eventually she sneaked back to the basement and curled up in her bed and went to sleep.
   Kitty spent some time upstairs with me in the morning while the dogs were outside. After work, I let her have run of the house, and she found that sitting on the dining room chairs, concealed by the tablecloth, is a good spot to hide. She could watch the dogs go by, but they didn't pay attention to her, if they knew she was there.
   She woke me at 2:30 am by jumping onto my bed and curling up around my legs. She didn't stay too long—eventually she got tired of me shifting positions—and she went back to the basement to sleep. It was nice to have a kitty snuggled up against me again!

   Kitty was all over the house this morning, regardless of where the dogs were. She still hisses at them and looks afraid, but she has become bolder in moving about the house. A highlight of the morning: I opened my make-up drawer in the vanity, and before I could stop her, she jumped into it, then crawled through to the back of the cabinet, sitting in the bottom drawer. It took some effort to extract her from the vanity, but she was having fun.
   I let her have full run of the house today—with Aki loose too, I might add—so I expect they will have some adventures to relay to me when I get home from work. I can just hear the squabbles now.