Friday, May 25, 2012


   Shibas are Japanese dogs. Aki has a nice Japanese name. 「秋」means "Autumn". Her original owners named her Paige, but that didn't sound like a dog name, nor did it suit her, so I changed it.
   Taylor, on the other hand, came with that name. You could write it phonetically in Japanese as 「テーラー」but that's not quite the same as a real Japanese name. By the time he made his way to me (his third home), he was already two and a half years old, and he knew his name, so I didn't want to change it. I liked it anyway, so it stuck.
   Joni, however, seems to feel sorry for little Taylor; why shouldn't he have a nice Japanese name, too? So tonight at happy hour she had me look up the Japanese word for "stinky", her moniker for him, and it's 臭気 or「しゅうき」pronounced "Shuuki". And just like that, his new name was born... my little 臭気犬.