Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Calgon, take me away!

  I am laid up with a migraine that has been cooking since last Saturday. Slept much of the weekend, been struggling to get through workdays, & broke down & went to urgent care yesterday morning. They gave me a magic shot that temporarily helped, but all night I was back into full-on too-sick-to-leave-the-bathroom mode.
  I started having pretty severe visual disturbances at work a few weeks ago, for two days in a row. Looked exactly like I was looking through a moving kaleidoscope. My vision was useless for a few hours; I couldn't see my computer or phone screen, couldn't see well enough to read or write... bizarre & scary!
  But at least at home I have the right influences: "C'mon... be lazy with me. You KNOW you want to!"
  Other than being nauseated & in horrible pain, yesterday was awesome, with a great holiday product review with senior leadership, and Zoey's adoption. The quiet(er) house should be good for me.