Saturday, June 23, 2012

Great Plains SPCA, is that you?

   I took Kizzy in to be microchipped this morning; for some reason it hadn't been done before they took her to Petsmart to sit in a cage waiting to be adopted. It may have been because a couple of groups recently merged to form Great Plains SPCA. I adopted Kizzy through Petsmart from Heart of America Humane Society; which I think was also incorporated into No More Homeless Pets KC and Animal Haven. Confused yet? Me too. But despite that, I had a great experience. Kismet's foster mom, Jenna, made the process easy and fun. And WOW did I get a NICE kitty!!!
   And get this: the procedure only took a minute, & they pay the annual fee to Homeagain for the tracking service. So for the adoption fee of $80-100 (I don't even remember for certain), Kismet was spayed, microchipped, and had all her vaccines, plus a lifetime microchip registry. Adoption is a HUGE bargain... I can't imagine why people would get a pet any other way! Thanks, animal rescue—whoever you are!!!