Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Hallmark Moments: the big 15!

   To celebrate my 15th anniversary working for Hallmark, which was on 6/11, my awesome, awesome team surprised me with all of my favorite things: Japanese culture, stars of rap music, and salt & vinegar potato chips. (Do they KNOW me, or what?!)
The lineup: Angie, Anne, Carrie, Stephen, Amy, Wendy, Alison, Bess & Dawn
(not pictured: Olivia, who was too busy sneaking around the office with a bonsai tree)
Dan & Lora ordered special no-cinnamon/no-vanilla cupcakes for me. Officially THE BEST cupcake I have ever eaten. (And I've eaten 3 so far, so I should know.)
Not to be outdone, Bess made homemade sushi dessert rolls.
All I can say is 「すごい!!!
Colleen & Angela gave me a card by my good friend (& incredible artist), Kelly
Lined up from shortest to tallest. Note to self: hire someone shorter than self.
LOOK AT ALL THIS AWESOME STUFF!!! Cards, art, snacks and a bonsai tree!!!
Everybody on my team drew their self-portrait on canvas. "The Rarey Bunch". LOL!
And on the back? Flo Rida... and my boss!
And what would a party be without photos of me...
with my friends Beyonce, Jay-z, and Kanye?
   I was seriously blown away by everything they had planned and am so lucky to be working with such a talented, fun, and thoughtful team. As I've always said, Hallmark is an amazing company, but the reason you stay is for the people. And when you get to work with people you actually love hanging out with, you can hardly call it work.
   In keeping with the Japanese angle, I sent my thanks in a cartoon:
For those of you who may be rusty on your Japanese, here's the translation: 
Jen: I LOVE all the wonderful gifts—thank you SO much! My team is the world's best. THANK YOU. 
Aki & Taylor: Yes, we say thank you, too. 
Kismet: And I will love to eat the little tree.   (Just kidding on that, btw)