Sunday, July 1, 2012

Color Run After-Color-Party

Here is what color runners look as they begin the race:
 Here is what most color runners look like after the Color Run:
And here's me: HARDLY ANY COLOR!!!
   I cannot figure out how I finished this run so clean! (Relatively speaking.) I had volunteers hit me directly with the powder all over. I slowed down. I went right up to them and spun around to get all sides coated. I even put my face in it! Most of the powder seemed to blow off while I ran... and it's certainly NOT because I was fast! I haven't run since Dog-n-Jog on June 10, and that was only a mile. Guess I need to sweat more to get the colors to stick. (How would that be possible, given that it was over 90 degrees for this race?!) It's a mystery.
with Deb's son and his best friend
At least I managed to get a lil' in my hair:
Nothing like my Meetup friends, though:
   There were more opportunities to get coated with color, in the mosh pit in front of the DJ booth. Every few minutes, the DJ instructed everyone coming in from the finish line to throw their color packets into the air.
Coloriffic ride, after picking up the dogs from home
   This "fake" tat lasted 2 weeks—I was beginning to worry that it wasn't fake!!! And the green spots on my scalp lasted several days as well, despite several showers. It may not be corporate-appropriate manager attire, but it was hidden by my hair. So I was none too worse for wear.
   Photos & video are from my iPhone (well-protected by the Otter Box... that thing has paid for itself!), as well as the KC Star's Mingle page, the Color Run Facebook page, Zazoosh, my Meetup friends, and my friend Deb Huffine.